We connect startups, entrepreneurs and talents to what they need the most: Each Other

Empowering young, passionate people will change future of the our ecosystem and the world.
We want to create the best environment for curious people to learn, create and share knowledge and experiences.


Knowledge, experience and fun should be free.


We appreciate differences.


No need to have superpowers. Just be passionately curious.


We share wisdom, inspiration and friendship.

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Our Story

Our Story

5 college friends from different backgrounds(hackers, hustlers and hispters) started a ‘hackerspace’ near Boğaziçi University for students. We had many events, workshops and acitivities for free. Our community grew from 5 to 500 in the first year. Now with Garaj V2, we want to change the culture here in Turkey starting from our own small group to whole ecosystem.
Garaj offers market driven courses for people to learn and explore their passions and interests. We also have monthly (Garaj Talks) and semesterly ( Crowdup and Startup Carnival) events to connect the ecosystem’s todays and tomorrow.


Garaj courses are free and market driven series for curious people to learn and explore their passions and interests. Garaj partners with startups for course developments and offers courses in different subjects such as; data science, game development, product management, UI/UX and many more...



We organize fun & global events where university students, startups & friends can connect and learn from each other. We organize 2 major events called Crowdup and Startup Carnival and monthly get togethers for Garaj Talks and Happy hours.

Crowdup Startup Conference
Crowdup Startup Conference
Crowdup Startup Conference
Django Girls Course
Garaj Talks @Kolektif House Sanayi
Coding Course for kids.
Google Hashcode
Garaj loves Sinan Güler:)

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The Garaj community is inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it. Whether you are a founder, student, beginner or an expert.
Our events, courses or any type of activity is free and open.
We get support from our sustainers, partners and friends to make our dreams come true.